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Search Engine Optimization explained

Are you baffled by the world of SEO? Don't worry, you are not alone. Even though there is an increasing number of small businesses, large corporations and international organizations using SEO optimization in Singapore and around the world, there is still a lot of confusion about what this highly effective online marketing strategy actually involves.

Here is a basic rundown of how Search Engine Optimization works.

SEO services in Singapore are basically a way for your website to achieve high rankings in search engine results, therefore increasing your website traffic. You do this by proving to a search engine that your website is the most relevant for particular search terms. For example, if you are offering organic fruit juice in Singapore, you may want Google to view your website as the most relevant for key search terms such as fruit juice in Singapore, organic fruit juice in Singapore, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly referred to, is an online marketing process that enables your website to be searched for and located as prominently as possible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Due to the fact close to 90% of all Internet users turn to search engines to source their online information, ranking highly on the first page of a search engine should be an integral part of your online marketing campaign. As one of Singapore's leading search engine optimization service providers, Singapore Domain Registration works with a huge variety of clients, both small and large businesses, to assist them in not only achieving long-lasting, elevated search rankings, but also their individual business goals.

You hire an professional Singapore SEO services to help Google recognize your websites relevance and importance, so they start ranking your website high on the first page of relevant search results.

How do they do this?

SEO Company in Singapore will do this through a number of combined online marketing techniques. One of the most important SEO factors amongst them is the production of great, high quality, shareable content. This will not only tell visitors about your products or services clearly and accurately, but will be also be optimized with the keywords relevant to your business such as organic fruit juice to ensure search engines can see your page is actually talking about these words. Enlisting the services of a good SEO consultancy firm means good content well-written, relevant and not repetitive (or keyword stuffed) that both the search engines and your customers will love.

An SEO Consultancy Agency in Singapore will also build backlinks to your website from other relevant websites on the Internet, to increase the number of pages which are linking to your site, therefore improving the importance or reputation of your website.

Why use SEO?

Search engine optimization unleashes the amazing potential to target your market far more precisely than any other form of marketing. Singapore SEO Company gives you the chance to connect and interact with potential customers who are actively searching for the products or services your business provides, in the location you provide it.

This means that quality SEO consultancy services not only direct increased amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website; they also help ensure your visitors become customers, increasing your sales conversion rate with SEO friendly web-design. When you use SEO services Singapore, you will see not only a rise in visitors to your website, but also an improvement in sales and your entire business.

An Singapore SEO Company can also help you secure that highly valuable customer trust that only a high ranking first page ranking in Google can deliver. Businesses appearing on the lower pages of Google search results are unlikely to have the credibility required to attract high quality visitors. After all, when was the last time you went to page five of Google to find something you were looking for?

Can your business afford not to optimize?

The real question your business needs to consider is: can you really afford NOT to use SEO? With more and more businesses taking advantage of the amazing benefits Search engine optimization provides, companies who fail to employ the help of a reputable SEO company in Singapore are likely to be pushed further and further down the rankings by their competitors and banished to the search engine wilderness of those 5 and beyond Google results pages. And it doesnot matter how competitive your service is if your competitors are appearing above you, they will get your search engine traffic and your business.

So take advantage of some of the best SEO services in Singapore, contact our SEO SG specialists today. We will put together a personally customized SEO campaign aimed at getting you ranking for your chosen keywords within 90 days!

Professional SEO Singapore | What We Can Do For YOU

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy that can help you connect with a much a larger global audience of Internet users and help improve your online revenue and lead generation. With a huge number of customers performing research online before making a purchasing decision, if your business is not featured at the top of major search engines you could be missing out on valuable business opportunites.

Develop An Effective Online Marketing Solution

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are crucial investments for any business wishing to be profitable on the Internet. Our professional team of online marketing specialists can help you devise a promotional strategy that will satisfy both your needs and budget of your organization, allowing you to achieve your business objectives.

What is the SEO Consultancy SG Process?

At Singapore Domain Registration we have developed a unique Search Engine Optimization process that ensures the success of your online marketing campaign. Firstly we take an in-depth look at your business as a whole and in particular your website. We consult with you, attempting to recognize the ideal keywords and search terms your customers are using in the search engines to locate the products and services your business has to offer. This is without a doubt one of the more crucial stages of the Search Engine Optimisation process, and we pride ourselves on identifying the most effective keywords for your business. It is essential that we understand the ideal target audience for the products and services on offer at your organization, and the degree of competition for each search term. Singapore Domain Registration will also identify areas of improvement and make necessary adjustments to your website to optimize your online presence for both the search engine crawlers and your customers. We also take into consideration other aspects that influence the prominence of your website, in particular the number of websites providing links toward your site. If necessary, we may make improvements to the quantity and quality of inbound links to your business' website.

Throughout the entire process of your Internet marketing campaign Singapore Domain Registration will monitor your online traffic and identify which keyword terms are producing a positive amount of traffic and which search phrases have demonstrated an improvement in sales, lead generation or email subscriptions. We concentrate on directing highly targeted online traffic to your business' website. Our professional SEO Consultants Singapore will regularly provide reports to you on this, ensuring you are kept 100% up to date about all aspects effecting your SEO campaign, your website and your business.

All of our Professional SEO Singapore packages include the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation and analysis of competitor websites.
  • In-depth research of targeted keywords, phrases and search volume.
  • A dedicated Singapore SEO expert Campaign Manager committed to improving your business.
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO.
  • Link Building Campaigns.
  • Ongoing SEO amendments to ensure your website remains on top of your competitors.
  • Detailed SEO ranking reports.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is a unique combination of Internet marketing strategies that includes organic (unpaid) search engine listings and sponsored (paid) search engine listings. Employing an all-inclusive search engine marketing campaign is essential if you wish to maximize the potential of your online marketing strategies. Singapore Domain Registration can help optimize your organization's website for long-term results in the major search engines as well as provide you with an immediate boost to your online traffic with an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.


  • Recognize areas of improvement- We help you identify aspects of your website that can be improved and enhanced.
  • Increase visibility- We can help get your business' website listed on the very first page of premier search engines.
  • Monitor ROI- We test and tweak your marketing campaign to maximize the return on your advertising investment
  • Effective email campaigns- We can help you successfully launch an email marketing campaign for your business.
  • Target the ideal customers- We can help you identify the correct customers for your business and how to direct them to your site.


  • Success Orientate- More than 95% of our clients have achieved a top 10 search engine ranking.
  • Professional Account management- Dedicated Campaign Manager focused on helping you to achieve your goals.
  • Google Certified- Singapore Domain Registration is a Google AdWords Certified Agency.
  • Maximize your Search Engine Marketing budget- Our proven marketing techniques have produced outstanding results for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Can your customers find your business in the search engines? If not, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve the overall profitability of your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your online presence through SEO packages singapore.