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Tips to Make Your Small Business Rock the Web

So you are in problem. Your online small business is not doing good business. The problem will persist and you can never be able to rock the web. You have made a mistake by hiring a cheap SEO company. You have put the reputation of your business just for cheap prices. What can you do now?

Bad decisions cause a significant loss to goodwill and business reputation. Spam SEO companies always lure small business owners by offering SEO services in incredibly lower rates. What the solution of the problem is, think, think, and think.

In our view, you are at the right place. If you are reading this blog post, do not stop because the solution of your problem is here. Sometimes, we think something impossible, and we do not even try to understand or attempt it. We get the help of a so-called professional who uses wrong methods to boost up our performance. But the success is short. Very soon, we realize that we will have to redo the task. But now the task becomes overwhelming and two-fold. First, we need to correct the harm that has been done by the professional; second, we will need to redesign every aspect.

But the wrong doing to your website is not very easy to erase. Do not be disappointed. If you follow the following simple rules, your small business will rock the web!

Internet marketing should not be very complicated. It is simple. One more thing 2015 has not brought very complicated methods of search engine optimization. So even in 2015, your business can boom on the web. A solid foundation is essential for long lasting success. After achieving it, just some minutes marketing efforts will drive traffic to your website.

To Claim Local Listings

Google My Business: Your most important step is to claim and optimize this profile. Start now! With the help of Maps, prospective customers can easily access to your business. You will need to find, in Search, your business hours and on their mobile phones, initiate click-to-call feature. The biggest advantage of this step is that that your local search ranking will be influenced by Google reviews

Yelp: Your claiming of Yelp Business Page will bring many advantages such as linking to your website, adding photos, and do not forget to put correct information of your business hours and telephone numbers. 142 million users access to Yelp every month. Like Google My Business, Yelp is famous for reviews and business opportunities.

Prefer or Develop Mobile-Friendly Website

Local search means mobile search. According to Google, most of the users are using mobile to search their product or service. Therefore, Mobilegeddon algorithm (Google), if the website is not mobile-friendly, punishes it by displacing its position in search results

Building Local Citations

On the web, if your business is mentioned then it is a citation. It has many dimensions and links are just one dimension of citation. The other form of citation is NAP (name, address, and phone). Of a successful citation-building campaign, NAP and its consistency in reporting are very important. For instance, ABC-247 Central Street is not similar as 247-ABC Central Street for Google

Any Social Media Platform

Though social media marketing is time-consuming and complicated because there are several platforms, yet you should focus the top platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Final Words

The above-mentioned methods are just a few but they are the most important. They can make your presence felt on the web. If you are now shown on the internet, your customers will find someone else.