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The Best SEO Tools for Analyzing Your Website

Analyzing your website using SEO tool is very important because it ensures that your site meets the requirements set by Google. Google is always tweaking its algorithm. In the February of 2012, Google announced 40 updates, followed by more updates in March. Although Google emphasizes the updates aim at enhancing the realization of overarching goals, these updates weed out poor quality websites that fail to provide quality content to searchers..

Additionally, site analysis enhances the SEO performance of your website. This is very important because it enables you to take the necessary measures in order to enhance the visibility of your website. Today, several SEO tools can analyze your website. They include:

Webmaster Tools

Google has Webmaster Tools that explain the major fundamentals of its search. These tools are free and you can use them in analyzing mobile websites. Using tools that include Google Friendly Site, you can know the exact keywords that Google looks for while crawling the website and what it sees. In case you do not see the keywords that you need among the keywords that Google sees, you might have to create new, quality content with the keywords in mind.

These tools also provide diagnostics that you can utilize to monitor crawl errors and malware in a website. These are important in conquering SERPs because search engines can block your website due to Malware and search spiders can stop due to crawl errors.

SEO Site Checkup

This online tool is useful to analyze a website for SEO by simply entering the URL of the website. The tool shows the SEO performance of a website. It analyzes a website based on sitemaps, Meta tags, header tags, keywords, images’ tags and broken links among others. It indicates the errors and the website’s SEO score after the analysis.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool crawls websites after a URL has been specified. It finds SEO issues, which enhances website optimization. It expedites and simplifies the process of analyzing larger websites.

Check my links

This SEO tool analyzes links in a website. It uses green color to highlight good links and red to highlight broken links. This makes replacing the broken links with active links easy.

SEOmoz PRO Tools

Using SEOmoz, you can see the ranking of each page of a website as well as the way the site is crawled by Google. The report includes different components such as URL, Meta descriptions and title. This makes identifying the missing elements and errors in a website easy.