Singapore Domains FAQ

Do you want to register .SG domains? Here are some frequently asked questions, you are advised to read up before you register your domain with us.



 This category is available to all with a valid Singapore postal address. A foreign applicant may apply for a domain name in this category as long as it appoints a local agent having a valid Singapore postal address as the Administraive Contact.
 Commercial entities may wish to register in this extension. Applicants registering for a will need to be either registered, or in the midst of registering, with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), IE Singapore or any professional body. A foreign company which is not so registered may only apply for a domain name if it appoints a local agent as the Administrative Contact. This local agent shall be a legal entity that is similarly registered by any of the afore-mentioned organisations and is duly authorised by the foreign company. 
 Names under are only available to organisations which are either registered, or in the midst of registering, with the Registry of Societies (ROS). Town Councils, Community Centres, places of worship, Embassies and any other organisations not classified elsewhere could also apply under this extension.
 Only educational institutions may apply under this category. Applicants must be registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore. Applicants not so registered will need to be entities providing courses/training that lead to certifications/qualifications which are recognised by a government authority or institution in singapore or entities whose ourses/training receive support from a relevant government authority in Singapore.
 Only government organisations are eligible to apply under this category. Applicants for domain names under this category must be members of the Singapore Government.
 Applicants for names under this category must be a provider operating infocomm networks or providing infocomm services, and/or providing data storage facilities or hosting services.
 This category is for the registration of personal domain names.

 This category is the Chinese language equivalent of the .sg category. The same eligibility criteria applies.


 This category is the Tamil language equivalent of the .sg category. The same elibigility criteria applies.

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